Mitigation Fencing

We can provide a variety of products to suit your mitigation needs. Whether you need temporary or permanent fencing suitable for amphibians, reptiles, voles, otters or badgers; we have solutions to meet your requirements.

Taking into account the characteristics of the wildlife you wish to exclude or contain, we can design fencing products that best suit specific species, helping them to flourish in a controlled environment.


JHD supplies and erects tens of thousands of meters of reptile and newt fencing throughout the South East every year. We want to conserve and protect. Our aim is to help UK and European protected species in a changing environment.

As specialist ecological contractors, we can provide you with the knowledge and services you need for a successful project. We offer a full turnkey solution for your ecological mitigation needs. From planning and design through to construction, we always find the balance between efficiency and sensitivity. 

Ecological Contractors

Destructive Search 

Using either our own plant or hired in, we can perform any size or method of destructive search necessary, all the way down to minimal impact searches carried out by hand.

We can supply everything you need from ecologist to plant and operator, tailoring it to suit your requirements.


Whether you have one individual suspected stem of Japanese Knotweed or a full field of it, JHD can recommend the best way forward to suit your needs. We currently offer site surveys, test excavations, herbicidal treatment, bund creation, full excavation and monitoring. And we won't be beaten on price!

We also carry out eradications of other invasive species such as Giant Hogweed and Himalayan Balsam


We offer a complete site clearance package and can supply anything from a sensitive approach with a cutting and chipping team, to larger scale clearance using tree shears, whole tree chippers and forestry mulchers. We can arrange for arisings to be left on site or removed. We also carry out grassland management and hedgerow removal, and operate with a sensitive and knowledgeable approach to nesting birds.

pond works

JHD can help you with any pond works that may be required. Be it creation of ponds or simply the lining of a failed one, we can even help you to create a full receptor site.

Habitat creation

We plant thousands of trees each winter as new hedgerows or woodlands within habitat enhancement schemes. We can follow a planting schedule but often recommend species based on the required outcome. We also carry out aquatic planting of new or existing ponds as well grassland creation, hibernacula, log piles.


When a site has badger constraints, we work with our clients to protect or relocate badgers under an EPS licence. We can install badger fencing to exclude badgers and prevent them from entering a site. Alternatively, if necessary, we can relocate the badgers by firstly creating an artificial sett in a new nearby location, followed by a controlled closure of the existing sett. We have a history of successful sett relocations, with badgers adopting our artificial setts within days.

Tree Protection Fencing

Tree protection fencing is often a requirement to protect trees of value on site. We offer tree protection fencing to suit your requirements and can supply and install to any specification.