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Established in 2012, JHD Ecological LLP are ecological contractors based in Sussex. We operate nationwide on projects of all sizes from large scale infrastructure projects to single dwellings, working with a large client base primarily of ecological consultancies. We have become renowned as problem solvers, and will always find a way of achieving mitigation requirements, no matter how complex.

We have extensive experience in a range of services including wildlife exclusion fencing, habitat creation, site clearance, badger works and invasive species management among many others. Always with high quality workmanship, professionalism, and commitment to health and safety.

As specialist ecological contractors, working solely in the field of ecology, we have found in a number of cases that our services have enabled clients to develop and grow their companies, by eliminating any concerns or restrictions they may have previously had over implementing practical mitigation schemes.

Get in contact to discuss your project requirements and we will work with you to develop a successful, cost-effective scheme.


In the last few decades, a number of species in the UK and across Europe have seen a rapid decline in population, largely due to habitat loss and changes in land use practices. This led to widespread protection in the form of legislation to prevent intentional or reckless harm to a large number of species.

We follow current legislation to help clients protect the wildlife on site whilst enabling the project to continue. This usually involves the creation or enhancement of specific habitats to which species can be translocated, and to compensate for any habitat loss on site.

The requirements will vary for each species and site and will be determined through ecological survey. Some of the species we help protect are below.
Great crested newt

Slow worm

Common lizard


Hazel dormouse

Water vole

JHD Ecological LLP supports the governments strategy to improve biodiversity in the UK by 2020. By implementing the correct policies and regulations we can prevent the loss of the 'Great British Countryside'. Read more