Destructive Search 

Using either our own plant or hired in, we can perform any size or method of destructive search necessary, all the way down to minimal impact searches carried out by hand.

We can supply everything you need from ecologist to plant and operator, tailoring it to suit your requirements.


We offer a one stop shop for site clearance and can supply anything from a soft approach of a 4-5man cutting and chipping team to larger scale clearance using tree shears and whole tree chippers. We can arrange for chippings and timbers to be left on site piled or even removed.

pond works

JHD can help you with any pond works that may be required. Be it creation of ponds or simply the lining of a failed one, we can even help you to create a full a receptor site.

Mitigation Fencing

We can provide a variety of products to suit your mitigation needs. Whether you need temporary or permanent fencing suitable for amphibians, reptiles, voles, otters or badgers; we have solutions to meet your requirements.

Taking into account the characteristics of the wildlife you wish to exclude or contain, we can design fencing products that best suit specific species, helping them to flourish in a controlled environment.

Whatever your fencing needs, we have the solution. We offer design, construction and maintenance services for mitigation fencing including newt and reptile, stock and boundary fencing, as well as advice on surveys and ecological studies.  


JHD supplies and erects tens of thousands of meters of reptile and newt fencing throughout the South East every year.

Ecological fencing specialists